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We are a diversified, experienced group with over 40 years in the corporate, small business and start-up enterprises. We pride ourselves on exceeding customer’s expectations. We continually add specialties to our firm to enhance the customer experience and we are well versed in customer relations from Wall Street to Main Street. We work with you in the areas you believe need addressing in a semi-formal format that meets the needs of small business while consistently understanding the effects to your bottom-line. We strive to have you achieve greater success with a forward-looking focus.

Coaching is the assistance we provide in life or business to get you where you want to be. You are the expert and we want to help bring out those actions that will result in you obtaining your goals. Think of it as this:

· Recognizing your goals

· Planning to accomplish them

· Executing your plan

Personal areas have worked include divorce, career, leadership, confidence, relationships and many others. Business areas we have worked include staffing, production, metrics measurement, warehousing, net profit and many others.

Consulting is the analysis of areas of your business you believe you need professional help in without absorbing additional expense. We enjoy working with small businesses to assist them in moving to the next level. We have worked with industries such as transportation, medical, legal, construction trades and boutique specialty. We have found that most small businesses benefit from a balance of coaching and consulting.

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